"The Core Energetics/Radical Aliveness work that David Sutcliffe facilitates has changed my life irrevocably and it continues to do so in a proactive and life-affirming way.  The work itself is very physical - this is so essential for me and for anyone who I've witnessed participate in it.  We all spend so much conscious and unconscious energy building a rampart around our true selves, the expression of our insecurities and emotions, as though they were our weaknesses.  David, with his sharp instincts and consistent patience, navigates how we mask those parts of ourselves and challenges us, at our own pace, to dive into them and mine them so what we end up with is a true knowledge and celebration of who we are and what we can become.  The fact that this all happens in a group setting (though you can do individual work with him), creates not only a community, but also reminds you, of course, that you are not alone."    - Jimi Shlag


"Working with David for the first time was an absolute privilege. I went in feeling really nervous and not knowing what to expect, but he instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. His workshop was beautiful and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It was challenging and inspiring. I left feeling blessed and alive. I can’t wait until the next one!”  - Stefanie


On David's Acting Class: 


"David's classes are incredibly powerful. This is not a class centered on scene study and audition tricks but rather a pensive look at who you are as a person. After all it has been said that 'the person you are, is often times the actor you are.' Through core energetics and misner techniques, Dave's focus is on purely two things; energy and connection. These two principals are the core for incredible performances. Dave is honest and at times pushes you to your emotional limits. This is what we all wish to learn, so take this class and I promise you that you'll walk away highly encouraged to tackle this industry with a new confidence because you won't just be a better actor, you'll be a better person." - Sunnie James 


“Performance enhancement and cognitive therapy intertwined beautifully into a radical method of discovering truth. Through David’s steady guidance I bravely delved beyond the surface, experiencing genuine feelings and emotions; a deeper understanding of what it essentially means to become the words I speak on camera.”  -Merwin Mondesir  (Rookie Blue, Defiance, The Divide)


"The Radically Alive Actor is an exploration into living in your truth and bringing it to your work. If you are looking for a class to help you identify and remove your blocks- this is it. David creates a safe environment to be vulnerable and present, while helping actors overcome and embrace all nerves, fear and feelings that come up when we feel exposed. I would highly recommend this class to all Actors."  -S.D.