with Angela Ai & David  Sutcliffe

July 30 & 31, 10am-6pm. LOS ANGELES.









Location: 3400 Airport Road. Santa Monica, CA

Cost: $325 if paid before July 15, $375 after



Who are you attracted to? Do you let yourself feel it? Or do you shut it down. When we begin to connect to our sexual energy and allow it to flow all the way through, we feel vibrant, alive, connected, present. But so often we cut ourselves off from this essential part of our being out of fear and shame. We live in a dulled state, our creativity blocked, our desire frustrated, with little or no sex in our lives. Whether making love, roaming through a forrest, or immersed in a creative project, opening up to this energy is opening up to your life force. In this 2-day workshop we'll create a safe space for you to reclaim and embody your sexual aliveness. Using Core Energetics and Radical Aliveness, we'll help you release the tension and holding that restrict the spontaneous flow our your desire and your capacity for pleasure and joy. We'll examine how personal and cultural belief systems affect how you see and relate to sex. Together, we'll reawaken this primal part of who you are and empower you to bring it out into the world on your own terms.